THY DLR-1 Preparation

PilotMeetup® Preparation Software for DLR BU/GU (DLR Test) has been developed for both ab initio and ready entry pilots and contains the 39 modules introduced below.


PilotMeetup® Preparation Software for DLR BU/GU 3 includes the following training modules (for details please see right column):



  • Bourdon Test (ABQ)
  • Perceptual Speed (OWT)
  • Signals Processing Test (SVT)
  • Triangle Test (SKT)


  • Acoustical Memory Test (AKM)
  • Letter Memory Test (BGT)
  • Running Memory Span Test (RMS)
  • Visual Memory Capacity (VMC)
  • Visual Memory Test (VMT)


  • Cube Folding Test (CFT)
  • Cube Rotation Test (ROT)
  • Rotating Maze Test (RMZ)
  • Spatial Orientation (VLR)
  • Tube in Cube Test (SFT)


  • Monitoring and Instrument Coordination (MIC)
  • Multi Monitoring Test (MMT)
  • PMA Test (PMA, in Windows™ version only)
  • Test for Operative Multitasking (TOM)

Maths & Reasoning

  • Adaptive Matrices Test (AMT)
  • Math Word Problems (RAG)
  • Mental Arithmetic (KRN)
  • Number Series (NUS)
  • Numerical Estimation (EST)
  • Symbol Addition (SAD)


  • Electricity
  • Magnetism
  • Mechanics
  • Optics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Waves

Technical Comprehension

  • Electricity
  • General knowledge
  • Mechanics
  • Optics
  • Reasoning
  • Thermodynamics

Englisch Language

  • Grammar
  • Idioms (for users with German language skills)
  • Synonyms
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